Wewawa And His Karma

In my life, I had never met a lady by the name Jezebel. I had only heard of it in the Bible. So you can imagine how shocked I was when she told me that her name was Jezebel. The shock could not be paralleled to the shock I got when I realized that Major […]

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From my eyes

One demerit about me, Is the fact that I’m way too proud; Yes, too proud to embrace those who despise me, Too proud to cuddle those who treat me like an option, Too proud to force myself on blind people, Those who don’t seem to see my value. There are those who’ll have your contact, […]

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Eshivala shikhulindanga

I want to travel Yes, I want to put down my ink spitting spear Trash all the papers and travel I want to visit all the big cities; Go to Las Vegas and be Charmed by her beauty Go to Kigali and enjoy the fresh air of her unparalleled hygiene Visit Dubai and have the […]

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On a normal day On a normal afternoon In a topnotch hotel A pang of strange premonition fills the air And in the carnival mood that was getting merrier every hour, A loud explosion is heard, followed by a ring of gunfire And in the briefest of seconds, Flames and plumes of black smoke are […]

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I’m Lemon, the fruit You’ve heard of me, right? I’m a good source of vitamin C I reduce the risk of a cardiovascular disease I can improve your skin quality. And also your body immunity. Want to loose your weight? Well, consume me. Don’t wait. How about you who’s suffering from constipation? I can be […]

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Facing Ikhonga Murwe

Oh! God of all creation; Creator of likulu and eshialo, Creator of eshivala Creator of Africa and all it’s inhabitants. I come to you Father, wearing this ecclesiastical robe, Here to present the woes of a great house, Great in proportion but clapped out; The wooden door is rotten with missing hinges, The lunettes are […]

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