Beyond the curtain

I’m certain, I see a curtainIn the foggy lowlands of the cityIn the midst of the mistI see a curtain,Faintly scintilating and waving Beyond this curtainIs a new beginningA new definitionA new nameBeyond this curtainIs a new meInspired. Admired.UnwiredArmoured to the coreWith the spirit of an activistAnd the swagger of a campus kid Clemspeare

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Try. Be fly I, so highWill try and flyI, so flyWill spread like a spyOdds I’ll defyChances I’ll pryI’ll rock and jokeTik, then tokTick, talkI, so highWill cry, but not dieDry, testifyCry, but still fly Clemspeare

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The trek

One more step, one more stride, and the house on the hill will be at your disposal. Jamin Clement Reluctant legs, heavy pantsRacing pulsationWeary. TearyThankfully, I’m at the peakA few more stepsA few more toilsHigher I’ll go. Better I’ll become Across the friendly valley,I see rocky hillsScary nights full of stormsHeavy rains with strong windsAlways […]

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Flesh on bone

Cuddle your pain, it’s part of the journey to your paradise.Jamin Clem Shaky handsNumb fingersUnsmiling faceParalelled to a skeletonPotbelliedWith a skin parchment,Drawn over your bonesNo flesh. No flexThe sockets of your eyes,Scary as deathAll this will endAnd you,Will be a miracleA miracle of the centuryYour touch will be a blessingLess toiling. More rollingLess struggle. Extra […]

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I’ve Heard Them

I’ve heard them,I’ve heard them mention meIn all their inventive scandalsI’ve heard their ironic praisesAbout my negativities I’ve seen them point fingers at meI’ve seen their fake smilesAnd their uncaring tendernessI’ve heard their whispers of doomOn my family and friends I’ve heard their gossipsI’ve heard them hurt meAnd the people I care aboutI’ve had them […]

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The Dust Will Soon Settle

Dear Sahib,I see your tearsTwo flooded streams down your cheeksI feel your painI feel your doubtAnd hopelessnessYou’ve suffered Sahib, the scars speak about you;The struggleThe painThe beauty of your battleYou are an inch awayKeep goingKeep pushingThe dust will eventually settleAnd your struggle rewarded Keep going,Up the mountainWith that drop of water in your guardKeep going,With […]

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Thoughts Unmasked

M. V. Windstar cruise will be the ship, still being held captive at the docks. I’ll be in a well-fitting black suit, one that any lady would pick for her hubby, and a tie and a hanky, both in red. I believe that by then, she will have noticed my fondness for black things; black […]

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Beauty and the beast

I can’t wait to get homeAnd give her the presentThe present of my presenceShe’ll bring the beauty; I’ll bring the beastShe’ll bring the cuteness; I’ll bring the madnessI’ll stand and look through her eyes,Deep and more profound till I see her soul,And thoughts,And sinsThen I’ll zoom out and wait till she serves me with that […]

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H for hope

The Pandora’s box is openedAll leave but hopeOr so we think according to the Hesiod’s mythologyAn army of worms attackThey destroy everything around,Everything but hopeHope that tomorrow will be betterHope that our frowns will fade and give way to brighter facesHope that our puzzles will fit, not now but they soon willHope, that the storm […]

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G for Gone 2

I wished G would stand for gaietyOr gazebo or maybe, G for the gustoBut it’s G for goneThe genesis of gloomA vicious storm came,And it plucked a flower, a flower that I thought was mine, but was notA flower that had a charming scentA scent that froze my heart in the deepest of deeps,And lifted […]

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