Pages of Doom 2

“All aboard?” “Yes sir, all aboard,” I replied in an assuring voice though secretly, doing some rough headcount to convince myself that I was indeed right. I had my seatbelt on, and the engine was brought back to life. I was at the front, in the driver’s cabin with Sussy and Jones sitting at the […]

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Pantoum poem

The road is dark, the steps are heavy Hold my hand Ye beloved of the Most High Stretch it and clasp my phalanxes Together we’ll become strong and powerful Hold my hand Ye beloved of the Most High Wipe those tears, protract your arms Together we’ll become strong and powerful If we stay united Wipe […]

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Suicidal 2: Open letter

Dear you, How are you? How have you been? If you are reading this right now, then you’re late. Yes, I’m talking to you. Just you. Huh! Confusing, right? Well, just keep reading, you’ll find your place. First, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Golderlyn, but just call me Gold. I like it that […]

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Simply me

Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m gloomy Sometimes I copy, sometimes I’m just me Sometimes I give, sometimes I’m mean That’s me I’m happy when I’m me Because that way, I won’t have to be like Lee Yes, the yellow, fair-haired Lee Sometimes I fight, sometimes I flee Sometimes, I’m like a bee I work hard […]

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Oscillation of the unmentionables

I said abracadabra She said take my bra I got topsy-turvy, but cleared my glabra She got topsy-turvy, and shouted her name Cleopatra ‘Maharajah of my entire being’ ‘Take over my body and being’ She said this while untying In her lower body, the heat was pooling And her nipples were tightening and thrusting Which […]

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Pages of Doom

In this tense silence I feel the air of the room begin to tingle, As if at the onset of an allergic reaction Then my heart joins in, With a swishing, watery heartbeat. I worry about the future… ~Suicidal by Jamin Clement I groggily scrambled up from the floor. I could not tell for how […]

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Many treasure life, but none gets out of it alive. (Unanimous) Where does your treasures lie? In yourself or in other people? Where are they? On earth or in heaven? Does he only treasure you when his needle is pointing true North? And when he’s after the cookie? Do you treasure him when you are […]

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